Terms & Conditions

Please read all of the terms and conditions set out in this document.

The purpose of the document is to give you a clear and precise understanding of our promise to you and what you may expect when entering into this contract. If you are unsure of anything within this document, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to elaborate on and clarify any queries you may have.

Contents of Terms of business:

  1. Definitions         
  2. Contract
  3. Responsibility
  4. Quotations, Estimates & Costs
  5. Products & Services
  6. Invoicing & Payments
  7. Cancellation
  8. Refunds
  9. Guarantee of Work
  10. Unwanted or unclaimed items & Storage costs
  11. Dispute Resolution & Legal

1.    Definitions

In these Terms of Business the following definitions apply:

  • The Company”, “We”, “Us” – means The Leather Care Academy Ltd, 10-12 High Street, Chobham, Surrey. GU24 8AA (Trading as Leather Doctor)
  • Client” “Customer” “You”- means the person, firm or corporate body together with any subsidiary or associated company as defined by the Companies Act 1985 to whom the services are supplied by the Company.
  • Services”, “Works”- means the services carried out on behalf of the Company.

2.    Contract

  • These Terms and Conditions represent a contract between The Leather Care Academy and the Client.
  • Both parties shall ensure that their respective responsibilities under this agreement are undertaken in compliance with all statutory regulations and codes of conduct.
  • The Client agrees that any use of the Company’s services, including placing an order for services by telephone, fax, email or letter shall constitute the Client’s acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

3.    Responsibility

To ensure we provide you with a good professional service we have set the following standards:

  • We endeavour to be clear and consistent in delivering our brand to you at all times by;
    • Communicating in writing/email on our letter heads, clearly showing the Leather Doctor logo.
    • Technicians and collection & delivery drivers will be in Leather Doctor signed vans and branded uniform.
  • Upon request, we can provide testimonials and recommendations, which are also available to view online via our website & our company Check-a-Trade profile, featuring regular and up to date customer feedback for your perusal, reassuring you of our promise.
  • Upon request we can provide details of our Public Liability Insurance, ensuring delivery of a high standard business practices.
    Upon request we can provide details of our Health and Safety policy and any relevant risk assessments, ensuring delivery of a high standard of business practice to our clients.

4.    Quotations, Estimates and Costs

  • Quotations are based on the inspection and assessment of furniture either in the client’s property, the viewing of photographs sent via email showing the problem or a verbal description given over the telephone. All estimates produced from assessments of photos and verbal descriptions should be used as a price guide only. These are subject to change. A more accurate costing will be confirmed on further inspection.
  • We are VAT registered and all of our quotations are PLUS VAT.
    Services proposed will be confirmed by written quotation. If upon work commencing further inspection highlights additional works are required/recommended, this will be advised verbally and confirmed in writing in the form of an amended document from the original quotation and will then form part of the original contract if authorised by the Client.
  • Any additional work proposed is offered at a discounted rate due to it not being proposed in the initial quotation. The Client must appreciate that with furniture interiors, some internal issues are not apparent until covers are stripped from the frame and we get a full access and visual inspection of the interior. There is also the possibility of external issues which can arise upon commencement of repairs to furniture. E.g. Once we start cleaning heavily soiled leather, this may highlight issues with the leather surface that were not visually apparent upon initial inspection.
  • Any additional work proposed will only be carried out with the agreement of the client.
  • All quotations are given by the Company following a request by the Client and shall remain open to acceptance for a period of 1 year from the date of quotation.
  • The Company reserves the right to amend the initial quotation, should the Client’s original requirements change.
  • Acceptance of quotations must be confirmed in writing and we will accept this as your agreement to these terms and conditions.

5.    Products & Services

  • All of our cosmetic solutions i.e. Cleaning, preparing, re-colouring, re-dying, repairs, re-antiquing etc. to the surface of the leather are completed using the highest quality professional leather cleaners, pigments, top coats etc. in the industry.
  • Any replacement upholstery elements i.e. webbing, springs, foam interiors, fibre fill etc. are sourced from the highest quality suppliers in the UK and comply with industry standards.
  • All replacement leather is sourced from a range of UK tanneries (or abroad if required). Our main aim when sourcing replacement leather is to achieve the closest match to the existing leather in terms of colour, quality and grain. This is our speciality and it is a service which sets us aside from our competitors.
  • Our 100% colour match guarantee promise is another service which sets us aside within our industry. We have the ability to alter the shade, effect and finish of any replacement leather if it is not a 100% match as we have trained leather colour technicians who match colour by eye and a mini tannery & spray booth onsite to produce the desired result.
  • Our cosmetic repair process for small areas of damage i.e. cuts, scuffs, scratches etc. is very successful and depending on the extent of the damage, we can usually achieve a 95-100% successful repair. Its is our 100% colour matching which makes our repair finishes so good.
  • We cannot accept responsibility for any dye bleeding into lining of garments when carrying out a complete re-dye. We endeavour to protect the lining by masking off the area, though it is not always successful and can on occasion bleed through.
  • Our collection and delivery service is provided by our own staff. Our appointment times are booked with a 2-hour time slot for arrival of our staff. There must be time given for the customer’s furniture & any loan furniture to be covered and loaded or unloaded from your home, and any documentation/payments organised. This could take up to ½ hour. All furniture will be covered with protective covers before being uplifted from your home and again on delivery before leaving our workshop.
  • We offer all of our customers’ loan furniture as a courtesy while we have furniture in for restoration. Whilst we endeavour to provide the same amount of seating as we take away, this is not always possible as our furniture is limited. We also try our best to supply clean, practical furniture as loan, however it may not be the best furniture, though is ultimately for the customers’ temporary convenience.
  • Our timescales are usually 4-6 weeks from the point of order to booking of collection and 2-3 weeks for the job to be completed. These timescales can vary slightly depending on time of year i.e. the build-up to Christmas is extremely busy so the lead time for collection could be greater. Once furniture is being worked on, if there are any parts or products required which will delay the process we will keep the customer updated throughout. This is unusual as most of our suppliers deliver within a few days at the most.
  • Whilst we take great care with furniture removal & delivery, we do request that all access is clear and any valuable items be removed from the pathways so we can manoeuvre the furniture with as much ease as possible. We cannot accept responsibility for damage caused to items during uplift/delivery which are a result of the items not being cleared prior to the appointment. We endeavour wherever possible to avoid any damage to fixtures and fittings in the customers home when removing/delivering furniture, however on the rare occasion that damage is unavoidable, we will assess the extent of the damage and if we are at fault we will make the necessary arrangements for repairs to be undertaken on our behalf.
  • Our leather care maintenance products adhere to all GHS, CLP & COSH standards. Our products are formulated and supplied by Stahl in Holland and are professional standard products specially adapted and formulated for domestic use. Safety Data Sheets can be supplied on request for our products if required.

6.    Invoicing and Payments

  • Upon authorisation of services proposed & receipt of a Purchase Order from the client a VAT invoice will be issued.
  • For works due to be carried out under workshop conditions: Our payment terms are 50% of the total bill due upon collection of the furniture and the 50% balance is due upon delivery of the furniture and satisfaction of the work.
  • For works due to be carried out in situ: Our payment terms are payment upon completion and satisfaction of the work.
  • The Company reserves the right to charge interest on invoiced amounts unpaid for more than 30 days at the rate of 10% per annum above the Bank of England base rate from the due date until the date of actual payment under the Late Payments Act.
  • The Company reserves the right to charge £30.00 administrative fee, plus any solicitors’ fees, in addition to the balance due, for any account we must refer for collection.
  • The Client must make payment either by cash, cheque, bank transfer, Credit or Debit card or PayPal. We are fully compliant with PCI DSS regulations. There is a 3-4% charge for PayPal payments depending on the amount. Our preferred payment is by bank transfer or Debit Card. Our bank account details are as follows:
    HSBC – The Leather Care Academy Ltd. Account Number:71509802 Sort Code:40-21-27

7.    Cancellation

  • The Client reserves the right to cancel the scheduled service.
  • For jobs to be uplifted to our workshop, if the work has already commenced, the Company will bill the Client for any proportioned loss accumulated in time and materials.
  • For jobs to be carried out in situ, The Client must pay 50% of the booked service if we arrive at the Clients home and the appointment is failed by the Client without any notice of cancellation given.
  • Collection & Delivery appointments are planned alongside other customers, with careful consideration of volume of furniture in our van and geographical location. Therefore, we need at least 24 hours notice if this appointment needs to be re-scheduled.

8.    Refunds

  • No refund claims will be granted once the service has been carried out.
  • Refunds will be issued only if a deposit has been paid and the order is cancelled prior to commencement of the works.

9.    Guarantee of Work

  • All our works carry a standard 1 year guarantee. This is subject to a reasonable level of care and maintenance by the client which is set out by The Company in a set of guidelines for maintenance after restoration upon completion of work.
  • After the 1 year period has lapsed, our procedure is to inspect any issues arising with the work we have carried out and, if related the original repair, The Company will assess the cause of the problem and if our results find our repair to be at fault, we will honour the repairs required to resolve the problem.
  • We cannot accept responsibility for damage cause through environmental factors or wear and tear to furniture e.g.:
    • Dye Transfer
    • Dirt or staining
    • Body Oils & production of enzymes from medication secreted through body oils
    • Animal damage
    • Accidental damage
    • Damage caused by cleaning products other than ours.

10. Unwanted or unclaimed items & Storage cost implications

  • Any leather items left in our workshop for over 3 months will be discarded of appropriately.
  • We will contact you to remind you we have your item and give you advance notice of deadline for collection before we will discard of the item.
  • Any large items which cannot be removed within the arranged timeframe will be stored by arrangement with the company for a limited period of time at a cost to the customer. Advance notification of this will be given.

11. Dispute Resolution & Legal

  • We will acknowledge any complaints which are brought to our attention via phone, letter or email by written response within 7 days, detailing our understanding of the complaint to ensure we are have the correct details of the complaint being made.
  • We will begin an investigation into the complaint by speaking to the relevant staff and gathering information from any files and paperwork relating to the customer and the complaint.
  • We may request photos and if we consider it necessary, we may need to arrange a physical inspection of the furniture or leather item. Once we have completed our investigation we will inform you of our findings and whether there is a fault or no fault found and what if any action we propose to take to resolve the complaint.
  • If our negotiation or mediation procedure fail to resolve the complaint then an “Alternative Dispute Resolution” (ADR) will be proposed and if necessary, appropriate further avenues such as Adjudication, Litigation & Arbitration will be instigated.
  • These Terms are governed by the laws of England and Wales, and are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of England and Wales.