3 Step Leather Protector



Commercial size. Available in 1kg or 5kg
Hydrates, Repels, Protects
Suitable for all leather types (Except Suede and Nubuck)

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Key Advantages and Benefits

Prevents the spread of Coronavirus by killing 99.9% of bacteria, viruses and fungi

Does not contain damaging chemicals like alcohol or detergent like other cleaners

Ideal for sanitising public areas with high usage leather seating

Preserves colour from UV fading

Maintains hydration

Doctor’s Orders

  • Shake Well
  • Squeeze generous amount of cream onto sponge and apply to new or freshly cleaned leather in a gentle circular motion.
  • Leave to dry and repeat process on high wear areas such as seats, arm and back-rests.

How often to apply treatment?

Suggest using 4-6 times per year as this product sits on the surface as a protective layer & will wear away with normal abrasion wear. Re-apply to high wear areas regularly depending level on usage.

How much will you need?

On average, 100ml will treat a 3-piece suite (equivalent of 5-6 seats). 250ml covers 2-3 applications and 500ml covers 4-6