What we do

What we do

Here at Leather Doctor we provide a wide range of Services and Solutions, our motto is “anything is possible”. Whatever the enquiry, our creative team will work with your input to propose a solution tailored to your specific requirements, considering all contributory factors i.e. usage environment, budget, timescales etc.

Achieve what you want in terms of look, feel and finish

Within reason, we can achieve whatever you want in terms of look, feel and finish – we work with you to achieve the desired result. Our team of specialists are there for consultation from initial point of contact, right through to delivery. Whether it’s a job as small as restoring the colour on your faded Mulberry purse or the restoration of complete leather interiors on a 5 Star Cruise-liner, our experts will assess the leather, offering our professional opinion, we will provide a quotation for our recommended solution to restore your leather to its former glory.

To speed up the initial quotation process, we endeavour to estimate from photos sent via email, however, with more complex enquiries we may need to physically assess the job, which is arranged at your convenience at your home or premises.

Below is further information about the general services and solutions we offer daily to our clients. If you have a more unusual enquiry, we also offer alternative bespoke solutions.

Don’t hesitate to call us today for a free consultation and professional advice.

Stubborn Soiling Stains and Spillages

Our specialist cleaning products and processes will remove most stubborn stains. The colour of the leather may be affected by the soiling and or the cleaning process, in which case, we simply recolour to blend into the surrounding area resulting in an invisible removal of the stain.

Disaster spillages are unavoidable, the splash of red wine on the sofa, the spilt nail varnish or nail varnish remover on a footstool or the pen mark from the biro accidentally dropped on the seat of a chair. There’s no need to panic, these are common day to day problems, we always have a solution to deal with the problem.

Regular cleaning and hydrating of leather is key to prolonging the life of your leather

Day to day usage will naturally result in atmospheric dirt, which builds up over time. At Leather Doctor we truly believe that regular cleaning and hydrating of leather is key to prolonging the life of your leather. Our easy to use range of leather care products will help to maintain your leathers look and feel, preventing premature aging and colour loss. For further information on general maintenance see our Products Page and purchase our Cleanser and Moisturiser.

Dye Transfer (from Clothing or soft furnishings)

An amazing product which prevents dye transfer is our 3-step Multi-Active Protector

Dye transfer is usually apparent on lighter coloured leathers and the most common cause is denim/jeans due to its abrasive texture. Dye transfer may also occur from scatter cushions or throws and is very difficult to remove with a standard leather cleaner due to the dye penetrating the grain deep below the surface. This can build up over a period of time and may appear as though the furniture is dirty when in fact it has been dyed. Not only can we remove dye transfer very effectively, we also have an amazing product which prevents dye transfer as well as repelling ink and dirt through a fluorocarbon protective barrier. A must-have product for white, cream or light-coloured leather is our 3-Step Multi-Active Protector.

Our advice is prevention rather than cure and we offer valuable guidance on care and maintenance of your leather. To prevent problems occurring is much more economical than getting a professional to treat the problem.

Body oils

Body oils are a common problem with leather, particularly with more porous leathers such as Anilines and Wax finish/Pull up leather, which easily absorb moisture. Body oils build up over a period of time and often appear as a dark mark in the leather in typically vulnerable areas such as head rests and arm rests. We can effectively draw out body oils from leather with our de-greasing process and repair, re-colour and re-seal the area back to its original state, blending in to the remainder of the leather for a uniform finish.

Leather cleaning showcase

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Leather Doctor Recommends

Leather care products for use at home:

Scuffs, scratches, rips and tears

100% perfect colour match

We can repair and re-colour minor areas of damage with a 100% perfect colour match, achieving an invisible finish.

Aged, Faded and Fatigued Leather

Over time leather can become faded through usage causing abrasion wear to the top coat of colour.

Ultraviolet light is also a big culprit causing colour loss in leather, particularly with Aniline and Wax/Pull up leathers, which are generally more vulnerable. Environmental factors will also have an effect as furniture positioned in a conservatory or room with lots of natural light will be more susceptible to UV Fading. Our cosmetic product Conditioner specifically formulated to re-condition Aniline and Wax/Pull up leathers has hydrating and nourishing properties which will restore colour and finish to de-hydrated and faded Aniline leather. This product is offered in clear or coloured options and is a very effective DIY domestic product to re-enhance the beauty of these natural looking leathers.

Good quality leather is one of the most durable natural materials, though naturally signs of wear and fatigue will appear with years of usage, especially in high wears areas such as seats and arms.

With our specialist knowledge we can assess fatigue and determine whether it can be restored cosmetically or if the wear is beyond repair, requiring replacement leather.

We can successfully replace worn panels with new leather, achieving a perfect colour and grain match to the existing remaining leather, which, if salvageable can be restored back to its original state through our restoration process.

We specialise in sourcing the best match to the existing or original leather

At Leather Doctor, through our extensive range of leather suppliers in the UK and abroad, we specialise in sourcing the best match to the existing or original leather and we have the skills to alter the shade or colour to match if there is not an exact match available from the tanneries.

Our leather technicians have advanced products and techniques to create and re-create a variety of looks and finish. Therefore, whether it’s a mottled two-tone leather or an antique distressed look you’re after, this will be part of the consultation process and we can achieve the finish you desire.

Cat scratches / Pet damage

Whether your kittens have used your sofa as a scratching post or your dog has mistaken your armchair as chew, we’re here to help. Most scratches can be cosmetically repaired and re-coloured. In the event that leather has been badly damaged, beyond cosmetic repair, we can replace damaged panels with new leather, with a 100% guaranteed match to the existing leather.

Leather recolouring & repair showcase

Replacement leather

We can guarantee obtaining a perfect match to your existing leather

We offer both full and partial replacement of leather. With complete recovery, we offer a wide selection of leather samples for you to choose from and can provide invaluable advice on which type of leather will suit your individual requirements and the environment its intended for. When partially re-covering, due to our expertise in colour matching and our extensive range of sources, we can guarantee obtaining a perfect match to your existing leather. We can replace old panels with leather that matches 100% in colour and grain so there is an overall uniform effect.

When replacing leather, we will use the original design as a template to exactly replicate the original style and design. However, in some cases there may be a design flaw, causing stress or premature wear on the leather, such as seams in seats. In these cases, if required, we can offer a re-design of the piece for a more durable solution.

Seams and Stitching

Split seams can occur especially in high wear areas such as seats. Seams can be re-sewn by hand or by machine. We can achieve different stitching styles with our range of skills and machinery. Depending on the original design, we can match to existing stitching styles so the replacement stitching is in keeping with the remainder of the piece.

Interiors: Foam/ Feather/Fibre fill

Over time, interiors will start to lose resilience, compacting down resulting in seats sinking and sagging. We can replace your existing interiors with new and usually have an improved, more durable solution than the original production. 

Springs and webbing

Again, with usage seat bases will start to slacken. Our upholsterers will fully assess seating and offer either replacement springs or webbing if required, in most cases we can tighten existing springs and webbing to reinforce the resilience of the seat.

Structural: Frames / Recliners / Mechanisms

The structural interior of furniture may become damaged through accident or more the case with recliners/mechanisms technical faults may occur. We can often repair the problem or if required replace faulty or damaged parts to restore back to working order.

Leather Chesterfields

The traditional Chesterfield style dates back to early 18th century and has held it’s reputation as an Iconic British classic and timeless design piece, which is still widely popular today.

We offer full restoration of Chesterfield style furniture and have worked on some very old pieces, giving them a new lease of life. Antique Chesterfield interiors are usually very well made, to last a lifetime. We can replace sections of deep buttoned leather by discreetly replacing diamond sections of leather between the deep buttons and folds, matching to the existing salvageable areas. Any salvageable leather can be restored to its original state resulting in a uniform finish without the cost of completely replacing the leather on the whole piece. Our experience in restoring antique Chesterfields always has amazing and impressive results.

Leather upholstery showcase

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