Leather Conditioner



Revives, Restores, Protects

Specifically for Aniline/Wax/Pull-up leather

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Key Advantages and Benefits

  • Cleans & Hydrates
  • Enhances Colour
  • Preserves & protects
  • Restores area of minor damage & fading

Doctors Orders

  1. Shake well
  2. Squeeze generous amount of cream onto sponge and apply to leather in a gentle circular motion. A more vigorous motion should be used on areas of scratch or scuff damage to push the base colour around to disguise the damage.
  3. Leave to dry

How often to apply treatment?

Suggest using 2-3 times per year for overall treatment.

How much will you need?

On average, 100ml will cover a 3-piece suite (equivalent of 5-6 seats). Therefore, 250ml will cover 2-3 applications and 500ml will cover 4-6


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