Leather Moisturiser



Complete Re-hydration treatment for your leather

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Key Advantages and Benefits

  • Maintains leathers soft and supply feel
  • Preserves top coat and enhances colour
  •  Prevents premature drying out, aging and fading of leather

Doctor’s Orders

  1. Shake Well Squeeze generous amount of cream onto sponge and apply to freshly cleaned leather in a gentle circular motion.

Allow 30 minutes for product to fully penetrate the leather before use.

How often to apply treatment?

Suggest using 2-3 times per year for overall treatment. For high usage environments with young children and animals you may wish to pay more attention to high wear areas such as seats etc.

How much will you need?

On average, 100ml will treat a 3-piece suite (equivalent of 5-6 seats). 250ml covers 2-3 applications and 500ml covers 4-6.


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